Friday, August 19, 2016

Finding the True Happiness

Yo yo whats up. Long-time no sees fellas. Have been awhile since I was busy with my routine. Today I am comeback to share my feeling about the happiness. I was being thinking about the word (happiness). This topic I have been get when I start thinking about the environment of my live, what will we find in our live? What we want? If we got a fun stuff, is that make us happy? Most of people in this world will find the happy ones. But what kind of happy that make us really want it. Happy for hanging around with our friend who riches? Happy for got a blessing? Or we can happy anytime (when we in bad position and good position).

The meaning of happiness itself, I think happy is a tasted when someone feel freedom with

Sunday, May 10, 2015

The First Think When We Were Child Can Influence The Think When We Grew Adult
Sturnus Contra/Starling
Finally, I was sitting on my chair, faced pen, notebook and foundation by table. I was confused with myself. I confused, what would I do ?. What I supposed to do in such time like this, on holiday. In every side of home always clean because my brother and sister cleaning it every times. So, all jobs in this old house were working by brother and sister. Sometimes, I very glad for that but in other hand I felt bored. Bored because I haven’t nothing jobs in this house. I just stare my brother, sister and wasted my times. Almost many time I felt bored because I had nothing jobs. 

Right now, I was enjoy write something like this. In same time I was accompany by my pets (Cendet Bird and starling/sturnus contra ) followed by wind and felt awesome. The level of stress suddenly down very fastly. By the way, Talk about the pet, I add the new ones last month. So in my house there are four pets, most of it Lanius Schach or in Indonesian called Bentet, Cendet, Pentet.

 First I got this pets on March, 6 . While around daylight, the beautiful blue sky show off. On that time, I was finish on my friend party and I ride my motorcycle go to my old friend the faster I can. Then, I meet him (Aan). Couple of second later, the voice of azan come to our ears and we were praying together after that we prepare all things to catch or kidnap babies bird or in formal language we calling “Hunting” . :D

Sunday, February 8, 2015

New Jobs In Social Media Era

Hello blogger friends, welcome back with me in the newest article of my blog and little bit complicated hahaha. Early new days, I confused to find right article to show in to the public. I was trying to analyze the social environment. Finally I got idea to write my opinion about new jobs in technology era especially in Indonesian. All of new jobs are showed to public because increasing of electronic gadget like tablet, notebook, Smartphone in Indonesian market and support by many things like trend of new styles, the network that spread out in to small village, affordable prize. Those phenomena create new jobs for those people who be creative to create the job use this technology. 

Part time jobs that related to the inflation of technology are coming up in to social like selling their own product via online, become reseller person, become pulsa agency, offer services, selling their second electronic or something else and many other creative ways that start used technology networking to selling their products with smartly promote. This effort can make fresh money to seller. Myself as a maniac of technology is feeling less creative than my friends who started business from small until they get high level of job. Honestly, I was people who very hard to create a chance or look a chance. I wasn’t wise if used the technology. I only used the technology for happy, for seek a funniest things, film, mp3. I am suck. Many times I wasted to search such as things above. Sometimes I was feeling jealous with my friends who start the business from social media. They look happy with their salary. Oh God… when my turn ? I just stare them ?  

For my brothers and sisters who reading this article, obviously, still many chance to make some cash. Here, I shared with yours, some part time jobs for all of you. You should try it. 

Saturday, January 31, 2015

How to Build Bigger Mental

Hai all my friend on the internet :D . welcome back on my blog today I am sitting in front of my notebook and want to share my experience about life. Yesterday, I was confused. I haven’t any idea to write on my blog. I was thinking deeply and seriously but I still didn’t know, what should I write? I was searching in real life, take a look around my world, hang up with my friend to find inspirations and still not know what I have to write. Couple of days later, when I was praying to God, I found the idea. Suddenly the idea was arisen in my mind. I must write down my feeling. Yaa, my feeling about anxiety disorder. I always afraid to go new place. I was feeling insecure when I would go to another area. E.g. if I and my friends want to the beach with bicycles, I worried about accident, worried about (Begal) someone who rob your bicycle every times, all things I worried about. 

I amazed of the idea often appear while I was praying to God. I don’t know why?. My friend, he was Muslim talked to me when I given him that question. He answered, because when someone was praying to God, they felt relax, peace and fresh and our brain accustomed to process or find out ideas if we in that conditions, so that ideas often happen when we were praying to God. Back to the topic guys, are you just like me? Be afraid to go something new ? if the answer is yes. Of course you got anxiety disorder. Many person in this world got anxiety disorder. Especially the people who lived in development country or the country that appears many crime and violence because in that country levels of depressed people are increase all the time and caused mental of human getting down. So we got anxiety disorder. 

I want to shared tips and tricks to all of you to make bigger mentality: